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Spa guide articles on different spa treatments, what treatments to have when you are pregnant and advice for beginners.

Health Spa Etiquette Guide. What You Ought to Know

Many South African Health Spas have their own set of rules of conduct, but if guests are in doubt, this Health Spa Etiquette Guide lists the...more

Health Spa Experience Guide. Advice for Beginners

The Health Spa industry in South Africa has taken off into orbit and now offers a bewildering array of choices, all packaged in the most cre...more

Health Spa Guide - Different Types of Spas

There is a wide variety of South African health spas to choose from to suit your mood or your state of health from day spas to health farms ...more

Massage Guide - Different Types of Massage

This massage guide explains the different types of massage styles offered at South African Health Spas. Massage styles include aromatherapy,...more

Medi Spas

What is a Medi spa? How is it different from a normal spa? These are the questions that this article will try and answer for you. We also gi...more

Spa Frequently Asked Questions

Many people are apprehensive when they come to a spa for the first time. These are our answers to some of the most commonly asked questions...more

Spa Glossary of South African Health Spa Treatments

This spa glossary of South African Health Spa treatments will explain more about the different health and beauty therapies available. Our Af...more

Spa Therapies During Pregnancy

There can be no better time to indulge in some soothing spa treatments than when you are pregnant. Pregnant women cannot enjoy all spa treat...more

Spa Treatments - Hydrotherapy Guide

The meaning of the word SPA is Sanitas per Aqua meaning health through water, so it stands to reason that various water treatment methods (h...more

Spa Treatments Guide - Unique and Exotic Spa Treatments

There are many cutting edge and exotic spa treatments which are being developed at Health Spas throughout the world. These spa treatments in...more

Spiritual Spa Body Rituals

A spa Body Ritual is a spiritual journey where you go through a series of treatments aimed at promoting physical and spiritual wellbeing...more

The Miracle of Meditation

Meditation can be an integral part of a spa experience. It allows you to achieve mental as well as physical and spiritual healing. This arti...more

Ultrasound and Radio Frequency Lasers

Find out what all the buzz regarding Ultrasound and Radio Frequency Lasers is about. Romney Park Hotel and Spa in Cape Town offers treatment...more
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