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Different Types of Spas

There is a wide variety of South African health spas to choose from to suit your mood or your state of health, the following definitions give guidelines but really many establishments may actually fall into more than one category due to the services that they offer.

Spas offer a holistic and healthy approach to wellness, with well-trained staff and the latest in technology and treatments. Spas are no longer the exclusive domain of the rich, they are accessible to everyone wanting to de-stress or simply enjoy a good pampering.

Day Spa

The main feature of this type is that it does not offer accommodation and visitors can go for an hour or a day as they please. Clients can choose single treatments or services like a massage, facial, mani / pedi, or they can combine spa services, take a half day package or a full day pamper. Some Day Spas also offer fitness facilities and individual training programmes.

Stay Spa

This category applies to any Spa that offers accommodation. Usually regular day packages are also offered for those who would like to escape for just a day, as well as the multi night or overnight packages, at Health Farms or Spas, Resorts, Hotels and Retreat.

Health Spa or Health Farm

The name differs slightly here depending on where you are in the world Health Spa is commonly used in South Africa and the United States whereas Health Farm is used in the United Kingdom. The focus in this category is beauty, health and fitness in a relaxed setting. Guests can choose either healthy cuisine or whatever they like.

Destination Spa

This Spa is all about health and wellness. Guests will find healthy cuisine and professional treatments. Wellness talks and education also feature as well as fitness programmes designed to support and enhance well-being and good health. Location plays a major role in the popularity of a spa and visitors are spoilt for choice when coming to South Africa.

Coastal spas which are sprinkled from Cape Town to KwaZulu-Natal provide stunning views, refreshing sea breezes and rejuvenating treatments. If you can't escape the city, take heart! All major cities have a variety of spas offering a range of treatments for the weary body.

Resort or Hotel Spa

A Resort Spa may have a particular focus be it Golf or Game activities or a Safari Lodge Health Spa. Both Hotels and Resorts generally have a wide variety of facilities and a Spa leisure centre with treatment rooms, a sauna and steam room, Jacuzzi and swimming pool, here guests can relax in their robes or fitness clothing but not in the main hotel buildings.

Treatments offered cover the basics like massage, facials, beauty and body, although specialized treatments may not be available. Families generally enjoy these venues due to the variety of facilities offered, although the Spa centre may have age restrictions or at least on some of the treatments. Guests who want to focus on health and wellness may find it difficult to do so here because the emphasis is on relaxation and fun and full service menus in the restaurants.

Siyabona Africa recommends the Librisa Spa at the Mount Nelson Hotel in Cape Town.

Holistic or Alternative Healing Spa

For body and soul, this type of Spa is focused on the promotion of well-being and balance through modern health therapies and traditional beauty treatments.

Health Hydro or Wellness Centre

This venue is for clients wanting to change their lifestyles and educate themselves on how to prevent dis-ease and be pro-active in managing their health and wellness.

Pamper Spa

Designed to spoil and pamper clients who want to de-stress without being concerned about their diet. The emphasis is on relaxation, fun and a little decadence combined with a variety of Spa services where clients can enjoy a wonderful Aromatherapy Massage or pop in for a luxury manicure.

Medi Spa

This is where wellness treatments or procedures are carried out under the management of a Medical Doctor. Other medical services are also offered and include Nutritionists, Chiropractors, Sports Injury Medicine and Physical Therapy.

Rehab Centre

Otherwise known as clinics, these carry out detoxification and rehabilitation procedures or treatments for people suffering from various types of addiction, also depression and eating disorders. The clinics are usually hospitals with fully equipped facilities and high-care, Medical Doctors, highly trained Nurses, and associated services such as Social Workers, Dieticians, Counsellors, Therapists and Clinical Psychologists are in attendance.

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