Health Spa Etiquette Guide
What You Ought to Know

Many South African Health Spas have their own set of rules of conduct, but if guests are in doubt, this Health Spa Etiquette Guide lists the most important do's and don'ts.

Guest Etiquette

Be on time for your appointment, arriving earlier is even better
There is usually information to be exchanged and some consultation

Ask about gratuities
Check with the reception if this is included in the charge, and have cash handy to tip if it isn't - also if your experience merits it.

Specify any special needs, disabilities or preferences
Communicate with the therapist so they can adjust to you for a comfortable visit

For dry treatments (like massage) you will be modestly covered
You will need to undress completely; the therapist will drape your body during the treatment

For wet treatments (like hydrotherapy) there is no covering
You will need to undress completely; due to the nature of the treatments you will not be draped swimsuits can be used in some treatments.

Acknowledge the professional Spa setting
Be mindful that you can receive therapeutic and spa services only.

Be considerate
Let others have their space, turn off your cell phone and don't linger too long after your treatment as the room will need to be prepared for the next appointment.

Do not take your own snacks and drinks.

Some Spas allow children; it is best for all to make sure they are not left to run amok, its disruptive and unsafe.

Offensive Guest Conduct

  • Determination to receive treatments and services which have not been booked
  • Indecent or suggestive behaviour of a sexual nature
  • Consuming alcohol or taking drugs
  • Eating, drinking or smoking during treatment sessions
  • Improper actions and attitudes toward the spa staff

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